Nomad Skateboards “Very Old School” Cruiser

I posted this up on, it is too cool of a concept not to share.

With the recent development of their “Very Old School” Cruiser, Spain’s own Nomad Skateboards has posed the question: “What if skateboarding was around at the turn of the century?”  Accurately portraying the collision of reality and imagination, Nomad has produced a truly mesmerizing depiction of ‘very old school’ skateboarding.  Although, deck sizes and wheel bases may have changed over the years, judging from the reactions of Parisian onlookers within the film, skateboardings pariah status is just as old as the sport.

The “Very Old School” Cruiser will be available in a limited run of 50 starting June 2nd.  Pre-order at Nomad while the gettings good.

Source: Hypebeast